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Friday, January 6, 2012

Athletes can solve the energy gap with exericse?


"According to Hill, a weight loss of 40 pounds would result in an energy gap of 300-350 kcal.  Thus, to maintain weight loss, an individual would have to either permanently reduce  their energy intake by an additional 300 to 350 kcal a day or increase their energy expenditure by 300 to 350 kcal per day.  This would roughly equate to taking an additional 6,000 steps or 3 miles per day"

p. 981
Van Dortsten and Lindley
Medical Clinics of North America
Sept. 2011. Volume 95. Number 5

Caveat Emptor:
After losing 10% of your body weight, the exercise metabolic rate decreases by 42%.
Thus the usual formula of burning roughly 100 kcal with each mile of walking is incorrect in the reduced obese.  
100 X 0.42 = 42
100 - 42 = 58 kcal burned with each mile.  
Thus a person who has lost all that weight actually has to walk an additional 5-6 miles each day to maintain body weight. 

The idea that the energy gap of the reduced obese can be solved by simply walking another 6,000 steps is way too simplified.  There is muscle memory as well that decreases burning calories.  


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