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Friday, January 6, 2012

The Reduced Obese are doomed & damned

TITLE PAGE 10:  Can you eat 7 calories/pound a day and walk 5 miles everyday of your life to maintain your weight?

“Treatment of Obesity obviously must lead to a negative energy balance, preferably through reducing food intake and increasing energy expenditure.  Even though this strategy sounds simple in theory (according to the first law of thermodynamics), decades of advocating weight loss have failed to stop the obesity epidemic.”

p. 940
Dubnov-Raz & Berry
Medical Clinics of North America Sept. 2011

Weight maintenance and the reduced obese

“A clue may be found when studying a ‘rare’ clinical subject: a reduced obese person who has succeeded in losing weight and maintaining the new body weight for more than a year.  The National Weight Control Registry documented the metabolic and behavioral cost of maintaining a reduced obese state of maintaining a reduced obese state for more than 5 years. “

Men         1225 kcal/d net after exercise
Women      918 kcal/d net after exercise

p. 945
Dubnov-Raz & Berry
Medical Clinics of North America Sept. 2011

Caveat emptor:

There are 6,000 of the reduced obese that have succeeded by maintaining a sub-starvation diet.

How many of the reduced obese failed due to the many compensatory mechanism of the body to  prevent starvation?  Millions.

Low calorie diets ultimately fail due to the reduced obese suffering from the Sponge Syndrome.   They increase weight like a sponge.
After my diet I weighed 200 pounds. The NWCR suggests 7 cal/lb X 200= 1,400 calorie a day.  
My five miles walking would burn not 500 calories but 250 calories.  This is for maintenance!

This is a life sentence of sub-starvation and vigilance that affects our psyche and requires changes in the life style that are monumental and non-sustainable.  Thus the reduced obese are damned by the people who preach moral hazard of poor will power and doomed by the Sponge syndrome.

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