5 Steps to prevent Heart Disease

Friday, January 6, 2012

A scientist wishing the reduced obese good luck?

TITLE PAGE 17: “Luckily, with time”?

“Sporadic bursts of activity, such as “dieting,”  are not effective;  the behaviors that achieve and maintain a healthy body weight take a lifetime of commitment. Luckily, with time, these behaviors become second nature.”
p. 325 in Nutrition Concepts and Controversies 2011

Caveat Emptor:
“Maybe the obese eat differently, gulping their food or skipping breakfast only to binge later in the day?  But no, that also turned out not to be true.  Some overweight people eat quickly, some slowly.  Some binge, some do not.  Some eat when they are stressed;  some lose their appetites in those circumstances.  And, in every case, thin people are just as likely as the obese to exhibit those behaviors.  There is no behavior that is typical of the obese.”
Conclusion reached by Mickey Stunkard based on the Midtown Manhattan Trial 1962 as reported by Tina Kolata on p. 93 in Rethinking Thin. 2007.

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