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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Modern Way to treat the Disease of Chronic Obesity: A Case Study


An Obesity specialists opinion on how to treat chronic obesity.

“Weight loss medications and surgery change the physiology of body weight regulation and are the best chance for long-term success.” (1)

1-A new approach to maintain weight loss is to add diet medicine.
2-Low carbohydrate high fat high protein or “Atkins” is ad libitum and thus not calorie restrictive, making it more likely a patient can stay on it for life.
3-Literature reviewed on effect of low carbohydrate high fat diet in head to head trials with low fat diets.
4- Literature reviewed on quality of evidence that more exercise will maintain weight loss.
5- Comparison of diet and exercise advised to maintain weight loss with Ancel Keys Starvation Experiment.

6-Unique serial CIMT data over 5 years while on LCHF diet showing 

regression of atheroma.

Complete article without data here 

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Case Study 


Final Comments 

Data while exercise one hour in nutritional ketosis 

Complete Data Lab sheet 

My six serial CiMT's with regression atheroma 

 My Basis Atkins Diet 


Advice to discuss with Doctor about Diet Medicine 

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