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Saturday, December 26, 2015

2016 Prediction: Diet Medications will be in most Obese' Medicine Cabinets

2016 Prediction: Diet Meds will be in Obese' Medicine Cabinets

Express: If you want to discuss diet meds with your Doc, I have advice on choosing between the specific drugs here

I took the American Board of Obesity Medicine on Dec.10, 2015 when I learned there were 4 new diet medicines indicated for long term treatment of Chronic Obesity. 

I learned in 2011 (My year of maintaining weight loss while cruising) that losing weight is not the problem. 

The challenge is that the reduced obese have reduced leptin which causes their brain to think the body is starving.  
Diet and exercise at that point will maintain weight in very few determined people National Weight Control Registry).

These diet medicines trick the brain into not believing it is starving. 

1n 1998 I entered into an Infectious Disease Fellowship because the triple therapy for AIDS was found to be effective.  This is the same reason I am coming out of retirement to treat weight loss maintenance. 

In my Obesity courses the recidivism of Bariatric surgery after 10 years is that 10% gain their weight back.   I believe the solution is not diet and exercise but multiple diet medications lifelong. 

I lost 80 pounds on traditional 1500 calorie diet with 2 hours exercise a day. 
I hit a plateau so I increased my fruit intake and my exercise. I changed my routine to include water aerobics and hired two trainers. I was probably doing 2.5 hours of exercise a day.  I was probably eating 2500 to 3000 calories a day.  I gained 1.5 pounds a month over four years till I regained 50 pounds. 
 I learned you can't outrun your fork.  

Yet the guidelines presently give that advice of 300 minutes a week of exercise to maintain your weight.  
What the guidelines don't stress is they expect you to stay on your low calorie diet.  
That my friends is staying on a semi-starvation diet for the rest of your life.  Not sustainable.  
(The Great Starvation Diet 1min 33 sec video)  

The Bon Vivant Diet vs. The Great Starvation Diet 

US NEWS HEALTH The New Obesity Drugs: an Rx for Weight Loss? 


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