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Sunday, September 6, 2015

How do people in NWCR maintain weight loss.

How do people maintain weight loss according to National Weight Control Registry?

This group of extraordinary people did the following
1- weigh themselves every day
and then if 3-5 pounds heavier, they had a plan what to do about it immediately
2-they tended to have little variety in their food
3-they splurged less on food on holidays.
4-they ate 1,385 calories/day but the facilitator said they are under reporting
5-they ate 4.87 meals a day
6-they linked behaviors to something more than just losing weight.
For example they use walking as their social time.  They linked good behaviors to something they want to do.
7-they often had a life changing event such as divorce or new job.

8- they walk about five miles a day or exercise equivalent

“A clue may be found when studying a ‘rare’ clinical subject: a reduced obese person who has succeeded in losing weight and maintaining the new body weight for more than a year.

The National Weight Control Registry documented the metabolic and behavioral cost of maintaining a reduced obese state of maintaining a reduced obese state for more than 5 years.”
Men 1225 kcal/d net after exercise
Women 918 kcal/d net after exercise p. 945
Dubnov-Raz & Berry
Medical Clinics of North America Sept. 2011

Can You Eat 7 Calories/Pound a Day

And Walk 5 Miles Every Day of Your Life to Maintain Your Weight?

“Treatment of Obesity obviously must lead to a negative energy balance, preferably through reducing food intake and increasing energy expenditure. Even though this strategy sounds simple in theory (according to the first law of thermodynamics), decades of advocating weight loss have failed to stop the obesity epidemic” (Dubnov-Raz and Berry, Medical Clinics of North America [September 2011], p. 940).

In the Obesity Issue of Medical Clinics of North American Sept. 2011 on p 945, Dubnov-Raz & Berry write
“Both men and women(in the NWCR):
1- consumed a low-fat diet (24%) and
2-exercised to use 470 to 360 calories kcal/d, respectively.

The net energy balance was 918 kcal/d for women and 1225 kcal/for men.

These reduced obese subjects ate an average of five meals a day and conducted a very regimented existence.

Update11-4-15 from TOS meeting in LA.  
Two slides below presented at lecture by Dr. Kushner. 


  1. The problem is that, according to Item 1. in The Facts of Life, nobody knows what their energy expenditure actually is.

    They have to "Eat, monitor and adjust accordingly", as we say on MuscleTalk.

    I wrote How to lose body-fat healthily on New Year's Eve 2008/2009. It may need updating, now. What do you think of it?

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