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Monday, May 13, 2019

Second memory palace

I made my second MEMORY PALACE of TOP 14 trips. 

  The first memory palace I made was done using the first floor of my house.  I memorized 44 European Nations.  Each day I go through them.  I do it also if I have trouble sleeping.

The second memory palace took much less time to make because it is only 14 items.

1- I start at the top of the steps going to the basement.
   Mount Everest

2- At the bottom of the stairs I turn right and see a photo hanging of me and my kids in front of
    Machu Picchu

3- I look above and there is a map of South America.  
    Chiva Bus/Train ride in Ecuador 

4- I turn left and walk along a wall of books.
    Great Wall of China

5- I turn continue around the round and see a wooden turtle

6- I sit down and wrap a red blanket around me as I am usually cold.

7- While sitting I watch TV and my computer feeling I am in a palace.
     Potala Palace, Tibet

8- I look to the left and there is a mural of Zion canyon.  I think of the best National Park.
    Lake Louise, Canada

9- I look across the room and see the wooden Komodo dragon at top of book shelf.
     Komodo dragons, Indonesia

10- I turn and see my wife coming down the stairs.  Her favorite place is:
      Petra, Jordan

11- I guide her right to show the photo of Andrew and I at
     Haleakala Mountain, Maui

12- Then at the next dresser I show her a photo of Andrew when he was around 8 years old.
       It reminds me of when I took Luke at the same age to"
       Glacier National Park,  Montana

13- I walk her to the next room where a Michael angel statue killing a demon which I purchased with my daughter Sarah in:
      Venice, Italy 

14- My wife then reminds me her daughter's Newfoundland dogs are visiting:
      Husky sleigh ride in Finland north of the Arctic circle with her. 

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