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Saturday, May 4, 2019

This blog was very challenging for me to write.

 My Alzheimers was diagnosed in Dec 2017

Making the chart before was very difficult for me.

Having finished it I felt a great deal of accomplishment.

When reviewing articles I often transfer them to my goggle docs and then edit them with colors to make it easier for me to focus.  If you find an error please let me know.
I recently posted a big mistake on calculating non-HDL cholesterol.

I had to re-calculate it several times for the Advanced Lipid test which did not give it to me automatically as the Routine Lipid panel

TC (Total Cholesterol)

= non-HDL cholesterol

We left for Australian Circumnavigation Oceania Cruise on Dec. 5, 2018

We got off the cruise Jan. 16, 2019 and flew to Hawaii.

We left Hawaii and flew back to Topeka, KS on Feb 7, 2019 

Putting together this blog and summary index card for me with Alzheimer's  was a big challenge 
with the dates and numbers. 

Comparing Advanced NMR testing with routine lipid panel

On and off Lipitor and Enduracin (nicotinic acid)

Baseline NMR test after cruise and Hawaii.
Off Enduracin

NMR report
Off Lipitor (statin) and On Niacin(Enduracin) 1,000 mg

                       Above Routine Lipid Panel

                            APRIL 2, 2019

OFF Nicotinic Acid 1,000 mg but on Lipitor 10 mg

                           Above       Routine Lipid Panel
MAY 1, 2019
OFF Lipitor but on Nicotinic Acid 1,000 mg and Lovaza 4,000 mg.
Glu 149  keto 1.9  wt 214.6

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