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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Update on Multiplier effect with using statins early in treating CVD.

My theory called The Multiplier effect 

has been touted by me since I described using it in my lipidology practice in my 2009 book titled
 The Tubby Theory Theory from Topeka.

Once again, Dr. Allan D. Sniderman has done more research re-validating the Tubby Theory and the Multiplier Effect in a research letter on May 18, 2016 in JAMA.

cardiologists did not know what a 
non-HDL cholesterol was?

Back then if a nuclear stress was normal, it was thought you were at low risk of getting a heart attack.
 Doctors  did not know about:
Glagov remodeling of arteries
In 2009 in Topeka I was getting non-HDLc, LDLp, CAC and CIMT on my patients.  
It's nice to see Dr. Sniderman talking about it now.


As with other models in treating chronic disease;
hypertension, HIV, diabetes use multiple drugs for more efficacy and
at lower doses to minimize the side effects for lifelong therapy.
The same is true to lower LDLp or apoB or non-HDLc.
In my medical practice before 2009 I was advising low dose simvastatin with 1,000 mg Endur-acin or Slo-niacin for less than $100 a year.  If treatment goal not met, to then add Zetia.

Now in 2016 we hopefully will soon have cheap generic Zetia, we do have cheap, safer atorvatstatin (Lipitor) and may soon have stronger, safer generic Crestor.

The multiplier effect of combining these drugs and giving them early before complex plaque lesions occur hopefully will reduce the 70% residual risk considerably.

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