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Friday, April 27, 2018

The man cheated from the Nobel Prize

1 min 40 second video from HBO: Weight of the Nation

The above video is a talk from Dr. Rudolph Leibel in May 2012.

I first read about the co-discover of Leptin in Gina Kolata's book Rethinking Thin, published 2007.

Presently, I am reading The Hungry Gene: The Science of Fat and the Future of Thin, published 2002, by Ellen Ruppel Shell.

Chapter Five
"(Rudy)Leibel was already thirty-eight years old when he came to Rockerfeller University 1979, a few months before Jeff Friedman arrived"

That sentence begins an amazing story of how Rudolph Leibel M.D. was kept out of a history breaking scientific article.

Page 90
"Leibel says he approached Friedman with the ob proposal in the spring of 1986.  Friedman recalls this episode differently insisting it was he who approached Leibel"

"Leibel understood the physiology of obesity"
"Friedman had the tools of molecular biology"

Page 98
The article was published by Friedman in Nature on Dec. 1, 1994 titled "Positional Cloning of the Mouse obese Gene and Its Human Homologue.. precisely one day after Friedman had filed for a patent....Leibel and Bahary were acknowledged in the fine print at the end of the paper as 'important contributors to the early phases of the work,' as was Lily, Freidman's fiancee, who was not a scientist.
Leibel was flabbergasted."

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