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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My co-morbidity of obesity went beyond diabetes and neuropathy and affected my walking in 2005

I was always athletic and able to carry my weight well.  I became type 2 diabetic in 1999.  Multiple attempts to lose weight again failed.   I would get so hungry I ended up gaining weight.  I eventually went on insulin and went from 260 lbs to 280 lbs here.  I was in Chicago and trying to walk several miles.  My feet prevented me from doing it.  This never happened to me before.  4 months later I tried to go skiing but as I prepared my knee became swollen.  Fortunately, I finally found a diet that worked for me: The 3 Hour Diet by Jorge Cruise.

It worked because I could have a 300 calorie snack between meals in my 1850 calorie diet.  I was not too hungry. 

I lost 80 pounds.  My colleagues wondered if I had cancer.  I exercised 2 hours a day.  One hour first thing in morning at the YMCA.  I used the weight circuit after warming up walking on the treadmill.  At lunch I walked 3 miles. 

The problem came when I hit the plateau at 200 pounds. 
My teaching from the National Lipid Society was that more exercise would maintain my weight loss. 
They advised 90 minutes a day. 
I did 120-180 minutes a day.  
I added water aerobics and had 2 physical trainers. 
I added low glycemic fruit and wine. 
I gained 1.5 pounds a month till I went up to 260 lbs from 210 lbs.  after 4 years.
Jorge Cruise in his book did write that I should increase my calories only 100 calories a day and see how my weight did.  That seemed too difficult to me after so much effort just to maintain weight. 

Now, I realize he was right. 
Exercise has little to do with maintaining weight loss.  
What is important is maintaining a low calorie count. 
The low calorie count that helped you lose weight is now the number of calories you need to maintain weight loss. 
This is how 10,000 people maintained weight loss more than 5 years 

The problem is a 1550 calorie diet with one hour exercise a/day is exactly the diet  Ancel Keys used in his Starvation Diet Experiment (one minute 33 second video)but he only did it to his men for one year.
  To maintain your weight loss you must do it the rest of your life.

10% of patients that undergo Bariatric surgery regain all their weight loss in 10 years. 

Look Ahead Trial

Quote from the NEJM paper:
"Weight loss was greater in the intervention group than the control group throughout
 (8.6% vs. 0.7% at 1 year; 6.0% vs. 3.5% at study end)." (10 years)

My Solution to my Chronic Obesity

The Modern Way to Treat Chronic Obesity 


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