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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Exercise intensity to muscle failure still does not make shrunken fat cells disappear

NYT article 7-16 Light weight's as good as heavy

Another Gretchen article 

"The other volunteers began the lighter routine. Their weights were set at between 30 and 50 percent of each man’s one-repetition maximum, and he lifted them as many as 25 times, until the muscles were exhausted.
All of the volunteers performed three sets of their various lifts four times per week for 12 weeks."
"Instead, the key to getting stronger for these men, Dr. Phillips and his colleagues decided, was to grow tired.
The volunteers in both groups had to attain almost total muscular fatigue in order to increase their muscles’ size and strength.
That finding suggests, Dr. Phillips says, that there is something about the cellular mechanisms jump-started in muscle tissue by exhaustion that enables you to develop arms like the first lady’s."

Article on losing weight but gaining muscle

"The other 20 volunteers began a diet that mimicked that of the first group, except that theirs swapped the protein and fat ratios, so that 35 percent of their calories came from protein and 15 percent from fat. (50% carbs)
Over all, their protein intake was about three times the recommended dietary allowance for most people."


Our results showed that, during a marked energy deficit, (weight loss diet diet)
consumption of a diet containing 2.4 g protein · kg(-1) · d(-1) was more effective than
consumption of a diet containing 1.2 g protein · kg(-1) · d(-1)
in promoting increases in LBM (Lean body Mass) and losses of fat mass when combined with a high volume of resistance and anaerobic exercise."

 Trial on High Protein High intensity exercise 2016

Link to Gretchen article above.

I did a similar experiment myself while on Atkins and in nutritional ketosis.
I did not lose weight but I gained muscle.

6 weeks of data in nutritional ketosis and weight lifting

Unlike the experiment described by Gretchen I was satiated by the ad libitum Adkins diet.  I also did not do high intensity exercise.   I could tell my muscle tone and definition was much improved.

I thus went on Qsymia.  I stopped the weight lifting and decreased my exercise to walking 1-2 miles a day.  I simply ate less with the diet medication and began losing weight without the pain described in the Gretchen trial.   I quickly lost the muscle tone I gained.  That is mostly water in the muscle to my knowledge?

I quoted Utimate Fitness by Gina Kolata  in my book The Tubby Traveler from Topeka:

Dr. Louis J Aronne in The Change Your Biology Diet book page 224 talks about high intensity exercise program.

I have great respect for Dr. Aronne.  Perhaps this will be the way people can avoid a great reduction in their exercise metabolism by maintaining muscle mass.  I however believe that the billions of shrunken fat cells remain and that the disease of Leptin deficiency (The Sponge Syndrome) will prevent all those muscles to maintain weight loss in the reduced obese in all but the few.

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