5 Steps to prevent Heart Disease

Sunday, April 7, 2019

1/ The Obesity Medical Association conference at Houston, Texas April 2019

I was happy to find that much of what I wrote in my book, The Chronic Disease of Obesity 2nd edition 2019, was validated by this conference. 

1- Dr Louis J. Aronne who I quoted in my book that he used multiple diet medications at once from 2015 conferences, now presented  case studies showing exactly how he used multiple medications and would change them when needed. 

2- General consensus that Obesity is a disease and requires life long diet medications to maintain weight loss.  

3- The obesity set point only can go up.   No evidence for lowering the set point in the obese. Once you hit a high set point your body keeps trying to return the reduced obese to the last apex or peak. 
Medications only fool the brain that set point is reached.  Diet and exercise do not.  Lower calories or more exercise only make the body more desperate to regain by lowering metabolism rates and increasing hunger with more Ghrelin. 

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