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Sunday, April 21, 2019

nostrum for Alzheimer's

Joe,                                                                          10/10/2018
  Sustained release berberine  has an incredible number of uses because it controls carbohydrate and fat metabolism. 
 It help in weight loss. 
It prevents cardiac and liver damage and damage to the kidneys.
 It is incredibly useful for the treatment of type 2 diabetes because it helps control blood sugar (glucose). 
I and a few of my friends have really been amazed at its all-around effects. 
 It has been shown to help with drug resistance in cancer and higher doses actually kill cancer cells.
 Biochemically these statements seem impossible but it has central control of metabolism –AMP kinase stimulation. 
It has now been shown to prevent vision degeneration-so called wet AMD. 
Most of the what this herbal product does is to control oxidative and nitrosative stresses which control most chronic diseases. 
By using the other sustained released products that you and your company make –the death rate from chronic diseases will take a massive plunge. 
This will be a revolution in the prevention of diseases –instead of the treatment of diseases that wind up causing the demise of humans.
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Joe,                             10/9/2018
  I’m not sure if you received my recent message so I will resend it.
I’m not sure APO-E assay is linked to Alzheimer’s disease. The literature is not clear. Besides you have to do a spinal tap which causes problems.
I tried to get Ter interested in making sustained release berberine HCl. 
This is a fantastic supplement –because it controls blood glucose in type 2 diabetes and probably type 1 as well. 
It prevents heart damage by inhibiting cardiac fibrosis. 
It prevents damage to the eye by stimulating eye receptors. 
It has been found to inhibit drug resistance in cancer.
 It has no side effects.  it creates weight loss by decreasing hunger.
Ter said it is very yellow and would contaminate the work area.
 But, if you could isolate one press with a plastic hood—I would think it could be well controlled.
 It is quite inexpensive and the sustained release form would sell very well.
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