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Friday, May 15, 2015

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff on exercise and obesity

2 minute video clip on exercise and obesity

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff teaches the same as Richard Weil at the Columbia Obesity Review course 4/15:

 2 minute clip on guidelines approach to exercise

As someone who plans to take the American Board Obesity exam in Dec 2015, I wonder what the correct answer will be on the test?  Slides below from Richard Weil.

From Handbook of Obesity Vol 1 Third edition 2014
pg. 282: "Is Exercise associated with reduction in body weight and total adiposity in a dose-response manner?"

"A total of 39 studies met the inclusion criteria...On average, studies with longer duration reported smaller weight loss for a given EE, whereas shorter duration reported greater weight loss."
"Not surprisingly, the exercise-induced changes in fat mass revealed a similar pattern to that observed for weight loss."
"It is also possible that adherence to dietary intake instructions was more readily adhered to in short-term as opposed to long-term trials."
pg. 290: "Clearly, there is a need for additional well-controlled trials that consider the independent effects of exercise on obesity reduction."
"However, although exercise alone is associated with reduction in total and abdominal fat in a dose-responsive manner,  gaps in knowledge persist."
"Nevertheless, the dose-response relationship observed in the short-term studies indicates that to reduce bodyweight by about 0.25kg/week, the required EE (energy expenditure) approximates 2700 kcal/week. 
 Our observations suggest that EE of this magnitude will require exercising for about 50 minutes, five times a week at 70% VO2max (83% of maximum heart rate). 
 It is important to reinforce the observation that these calculations are derived from short-term studies alone. "
 "It is evident that in long term trials, despite the similarity in the EEs prescribed, that the corresponding reduction in both total and abdominal obesities is substantially less."
"demonstration that the adoption of exercise alone as a treatment strategy for obesity reduction can be sustained long term remains a challenge."

From Washington Post 5-15-15:

 Can't outrun a bad diet

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