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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How do people stay thin in a world of abundance? Part 2

Part one of this discussion is here Link

BBC video  Why Are Thin People Not Fat ?

2009 article from BBC news magazine

Index of video:

To see final results go to video point 42 minutes

Professor Fredrik Nystrom video point 2:20 
University of Unkoping

Ethan Sims video point 3:05
University of Vermont: "When the thin people got fat,  their metabolism increased 50%"
Rethinking Thin p 116 to 120

Dr. Philipp Scherer video point 7:48

U Texas SW Wins ADA Banting award

Rudolf Leibel video point 16:24 & 47 mins.
Columbia University: "Each person has a comfortable weight range that the body gravitates to."
Rethinking Thin p 125
Rethinking Thin. The New Science of Weight Loss- and the Myths and Realities of dieting by Gina Kolata 2007

Professor Jane Wardle video point 25 mins
University London Profile- Prof Psychology

Nikhil Dhurandhar  video point 34:28
Lecture on Obesity

Ania Kosicka

Carel le Roux

Fredrik Nystrom

Eric Ravussin

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