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Saturday, September 19, 2015

New guidelines from NLA on diet made me very sad

In quotes from NLA part 2 guidelines:

"Diet low in sat FA; trans FA & cholesterol:       5 to 10%
Loss of 5% of body weight:                              3 to 5%
2 g /day PS or 7.5 g/day viscous fiber:              4 to 10%
Total:                                                                12 to 25%

Combining any 2 of the interventions recommended would be expected to reduce LDL-C by 6 to 19%.

The portfolio diet approach, which combines PS, viscous fibers, soy, and almonds has been shown to reduce LDL-C by ~30% with controlled feeding, but the reduction was less(~15%) when subjects were free-living."

Very impractical

 The Portfolio diet? That is not a weight reduction diet. 

Look Ahead trial had negative CV outcome.

10 year graph of Look Ahead link

Only 3% delta weight  loss after 4 yrs.  Best study.  Negative CVE outcome.  How does NLA think it will achieve 5% weight loss with positive CV event outcome? 

In April 2015,   I attended a Obesity Board Review at Columbia University.  This was a trial they presented that NLA missed. 

Link to 3 minute video


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