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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Head to Head Comparative Diet Study over 2 years Feb 2009

Comparison of Weight-Loss Diets with Different Compositions of Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates


We randomly assigned 811 overweight adults to one of four diets; the targeted percentages of energy derived from
fat,     protein, and carbohydrates in the four diets were
20,        15,     and       65%;
20,        25,     and       55%;
40,        15,     and       45%;
40,        25,     and       35%.

 The diets consisted of similar foods and met guidelines for cardiovascular health.

Reduced-calorie diets result in clinically meaningful weight loss regardless of which macronutrients they emphasize.





This is composition of low fat average protein diet

This is composition of high fat high protein diet

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